Aeroelasticity Course

Aeroelasticity and Experimental Aerodynamics



The lectures are held on Thursday mornings at 9am in lecture room TP40 of building B52/3.

L1Vortex Induced Vibration22-Sep
Lab1Lab session - VIV - DATA_Lab16-Oct
Lab2Lab session - Galloping - DATA_Lab213-Oct
L3Introduction - Equations of motion20-Oct
L4Dynamic aeroelasticity27-Oct
M1Matlab session - Flutter3-Nov
L5Unsteady aerodynamics10-Nov
L6Practical aeroelasticity17-Nov
M2Matlad session - p-k method24-Nov
L7Flight flutter testing1-Dec
Lab3Lab session - Flutter testing8-Dec
Q&AQ&A session15-Dec

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