The research carried out at the Aeroelasticity and Experimental Aerodynamics Research Group comprises both theoretical and experimental work. The experiments are performed in the University of Liege Wind Tunnel facility. The main activities are:

Nonlinear Aeroelasticity

My main area of research is nonlinear aeroelasticity, possibly the most challenging aspect of aeroelastic research today. All aircraft are nonlinear to a certain degree and this nonlinearity can have a significant impact on safety and performance. I have carried out both experimental and analytical work in this field. The experimental work consists of the development of experiments of several different types of nonlinear aeroelastic phenomena, such as: 

  • Stall flutter of wings in pitch and in plunge
  • Stall flutter and galloping of bridges
  •  Buffeting of slender structures and Delta wings

The analytical work concerns the following issues: 

  • Development of vortex particle methods for the aerodynamic modeling of 2D separated unsteady flows
  • Development of vortex panel methods for the aerodynamic modeling of 3D unsteady flows around wind turbines
  • Bifurcation analysis of nonlinear aeroelastic systems using Harmonic Balance and Numerical Continuation methods
  • Validation of Computational Fluid Dynamic/Computational Structural Dynamic aeroelastic simulations using wind tunnel experimental data

 Experimental Aerodynamics

The research group has a significant research activity in the field of experimental aerodynamics. It centers around the aerodynamics of aircraft and civil engineering structures but extends all the way to the aerodynamics of animal flight. The main areas of interest are: 

  • Aerodynamics of helicopters and Tilt Rotor aircraft
  • Aerodynamics of flapping flight
  •  Aerodynamics of bridge sections
  • Building aerodynamics
  • Flow visualization and Proper Orthogonal Decomposition of observed flowfields
  • Aerodynamics of bats and birds

 International Collaboration

The Aeroelasticity and Experimental Aerodynamics Research Group has links with several international academic and industrial partners. Academic partners include the University of Liverpool, University of Sheffield, University of Manchester, University of Bristol, Queen's University Belfast, Petroleum Institute Abu Dhabi, University of Istanbul and University of Patras. Industrial collaborators include Eurocopter, Agusta Westland, Rolls-Royce PLC, BAE Systems and QinetiQ.