Tethered Flight Project

Project Name Students Industrial Partners Academic/Research Partners Duration
Design of a winch for modelling and control of the tethered flight of a model airplane Dries Cosaert, Kurt Elst, Kurt Geebelen, Sebastien Gros N/A Katholieke Universiteit Leuven 2010-2012

This series of Final Year Projects is carried out within the context of the HighWind ERC project. HighWind aims to develop a new class of wind power generators, based on the tethered flight of aircraft at several hundred meters from the ground. The final year projects concern the development and construction of a winch structure for the tethered flight of a purpose-built model airplane. The aerodynamics and flight dynamics of the model are tested in the ULg Wind Tunnel.

Larger aileron version of the model, 2011-2012

The model airplane in the ULg wind tunnel, 2010-2011

The model airplane with ailerons deflected in the ULg wind tunnel, 2010-2011