Delta Wing Aeroelasticity Research Project

Project Name Funding Body Industrial Partners Academic/Research Partners Duration
Delta Wing Aeroelasticity N/A N/A Multibody and Mechatronic Systems Lab - University of Liège, Department of Engineering - Istanbul University 2008-2010

Limit cycle oscillations involving Delta wings are an important area of research in modern aeroelasticity. Such phenomena can be the result of geometric nonlin- earity, aerodynamic nonlinearity or under-wing store nonlinearity. A series of investigations of Delta Wing aeroelasticity by several researchers have demonstrated that low speed LCOs can be obtained as a result of the interaction of structural geometric nonlinearity with attached flow aerodynamics.

The purpose of the present research is to determine experimentally to what extent struc- tural and/or aerodynamic nonlinearities are important in causing Limit Cycle Oscillations of a Delta wing at different steady angles of attack.

A flexible Delta wing model in the ULg wind tunnel

A demonstration of Delta wing Limit Cycle Oscillations

Exciting a subcritical LCO