NICETRIP Research Project

Project Name Funding Body Industrial Partners Academic/Research Partners Duration
NICETRIP European Commission FP6 Eurocopter, Agusta Westland, Sener, Mecaer and others ONERA, DLR, NLR, Politecnico di Milano, University of Liverpool and others 2007-2011

The ULg wind tunnel participates in the NICETRIP research project, aimed at the development of the technology necessary to the design and production of a European Tilt-Rotor aircraft. Such aircraft can take off like helicopters but fly like airplanes after rotating their engine nacelles.

Schematic views of the ERICA Tilt-Rotor Aircraft architecture

The ULg is involved in the investigation of engine-nacelle integration issues. To this end, 1/5th and 2/5th scale wind tunnel models were built and tested in the ULg wind tunnel.

2/5th scale model of the nacelle in the ULg wind tunnel

1/5th scale model of the nacelle and wing in the ULg wind tunnel