Numerical simulation of stall flutter

Project Name Student Industrial Partners Academic/Research Partners Duration
Development and validation of a solver for the prediction of low-Reynolds dynamic stall and stall flutter Sacha Yabili N/A Georgia Institute of Technology 2010-2011

The aim of this Final Year Project was to numerically simulated the dynamic stall and stall flutter of a 2D NACA0012 wing. The simulations were carried out by solving the URANS (Unsteady Reynolds Averaged Navier Stokes) equations in parallel with the structural equations of motion. The aerodynamic calculations were performed using OpenFOAM. The simulation results were compared to experimental data from a rectangular wing with end-plates undergoing stall flutter oscillations.

The experimental stall flutter model in the wind tunnel

Numerical visualization of the dynamic stall vortex

Comparison of numerical and experimental lift coefficient values during stall flutter